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40+ with EstroG-100™

(66 customer reviews)


From $45.00

*Although MenoMe® is a New Zealand company, 40+ is not available for sale in New Zealand. However, it can be shipped to all other countries.

Please contact us with any questions.

New Zealand customers can purchase Merry Peri™ for Perimenopause support.



About 40+

40+ is 100% EstroG-100™, a patented formulation of three herbal extracts that have been used for hundreds of years. It has been the subject of three scientific studies on menopause. It naturally supports the body’s natural response to hormonal changes including normal body temperature, mood, healthy joints, energy levels, and restful sleep.

Perimenopause, the first stage of menopause, usually starts in a woman’s 40s, but can start in her 30s or even earlier. 40+ is recommended for use at the first signs of perimenopause through to post-menopause.

  • Natural herbal formulation
    Scientifically researched to support women in all stages of menopause
  • No side effects
  • Presented in VEGE capsules – suitable for vegetarians and vegans
  • Gluten-free

Many women experience support within four weeks, but we recommend allowing 12 weeks and continuing use daily for ongoing maintenance.

Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

40+ Ingredients

  • Pure EstroG-100™ –  a patented formulation that has been the subject of three published scientific studies on menopause. It combines the roots of three herbs: Cynanchum wilfordii (Milkweed), Phlomis umbrosa (Jerusalem sage) and Angelica gigas nakai (Angelica).

    Cynanchum are climbing vines, Phlomis are sage-like herbs and Angelica is used as a food, herbal remedy and flavour. These herbs have been used for hundreds of years as culinary herbs in Korea and have a long history of use.

    It is the proprietary blend of these three synergistic herbs that provide the efficacy for women in all stages of menopause.

    Phlomis umbrosa is wild harvested, while Cynanchum wilfordii and Angelica gigas nakai are cultivated.

Contains encapsulating aids. Free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.

Encapsulated in New Zealand from imported ingredients.

Directions for Use
Take two capsules daily with food am or pm.

Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

Meno-Me Ltd, Hawera

What is EstroG-100™ (the ingredient in 40+)?

EstroG-100™ is a proprietary standardised herbal ingredient that supports hormonal balance and supports women in pre-, peri-, and post-menopause.

How was EstroG-100™ discovered?

Dr Jae Kim, the inventor, is a Korean medical doctor who studied these plants for many years. Dr. Kim developed some screening tests to find out which plant extracts had the best efficacy and least side effects. He screened 71 different extracts with his E-screen assay before finding the best combination. The EstroG-100™ combination was the best at supporting estrogenic activity and estrogen specific alkaline phosphatase (ALP) induction.

Does EstroG-100™ contain estrogen?

No, EstroG-100™ does not contain any estrogenic properties or well-known phytoestrogens such as coumestans, isoflavones, genistein, daidzein, biochanin A and formononectin. Unlike all the other herbal ingredients for menopause, EstroG-100™ does not bind to estrogen receptors alpha and beta and it does not proliferate MCF-7 cells. In addition, in contrast to other phytoestrogen products, EstroG-100™ was confirmed not to affect FSH/E2, uterus weight, BMI and body weight.

Can I expect better or faster results with a higher dose?

The published scientific studies all used the same dose of EstroG-100™. However, we have anecdotal evidence from many years of usage that showed some women had benefitted by taking EstroG-100™ more frequently.

Why is EstroG-100™ called a proprietary herbal ingredient?

EstroG-100™ is patented in the USA, Canada, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and is soon to be patented in EU, Brazil, Mexico and other Asian countries. This means it is proprietary, and you can only get EstroG-100™ from the licensee who is Meno-Me® Ltd in New Zealand.

Who should not take 40+?

Pregnant or lactating women and those taking anti-thrombotic or anti-coagulant* products should consult your health practitioner before taking EstroG-100™.
*There have been no reported interactions or side-effects when taking anti-thrombotics or anti-coagulants while on MenoMe® 40+ or the active ingredient EstroG-100™. However, one of the herbs, Angelica, is known to have anti-coagulant and anti-thrombotic effects when taken in higher doses. Therefore in Korea, the Food and Drug Administration requires that there should be an advisory statement on health functional foods containing Angelica. This advisory is not required in other countries, including New Zealand (where it is a dietary supplement) and Canada, (where it is registered as a Natural Health Product).

How is it best to take 40+?

Take two capsules daily. It is important to take 40+ daily to get the best results.

How long does it take?

This varies with individuals (thankfully we are all different!) – but based on our scientific research, you can expect to notice support within six weeks. However, when we look at experience, it can take from one to four weeks. The fastest case we know of was within two days! Optimum results are usually reached within 12 weeks.

What can I expect when taking 40+?

Every woman is different. The effects can be dramatic for some and more subtle for others, with reports of an overall sense of calmness occurring. We recommend that you keep taking 40+ throughout your perimenopause even if the effects fluctuate at times. This will enhance a more balanced hormonal experience during your menopausal journey compared to not taking 40+.

How long should I take 40+ for?

It is advisable to keep taking 40+ throughout your perimenopause. Once your periods have stopped for 12 continuous months you are officially in post-menopause at which stage we recommend you switch to 55+.

Why do I experience fluctuations, even when I am taking 40+?

Everything in nature has rhythms and cycles – peaks and troughs. There is no stronger example of the ebbs and flows in our body chemistry than a woman’s monthly cycle. Some women will experience much higher peaks and lower troughs than others, and will therefore have more severe experiences than others.

40+ supports balance for these highs and lows, but will not eliminate them to a flat line. This is because of the way 40+ and  55+ work; to help balance your own natural hormone levels. 40+ does not contain estrogens but works to support your own naturally produced hormones. This is the most natural way to manage your menopause and results in outstanding quality of life scores when measured in our scientific research.

Are there any possible adverse reactions from 40+?

There were no noted adverse reactions during the scientific studies. However, there may be a temporary itching or rash on the skin for people who are sensitive to taking new materials. 40+ helps purify the bloodstream, and urticarial (skin rash/hives) may very rarely occur due to the detoxification process. Should this happen reduce the dose to one capsule per day, or every second day. If symptoms persist stop taking for a week and then resume.

Is 40+ suitable for women with endometriosis?

40+ does not have estrogenic activity and has not been specifically tested for safety or efficacy for endometriosis. However, in the menopause scientific studies, endometriosis was not a requirement for the exclusion of participants in the trials. Only patients with cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, breast cancer, and sex hormone-related cancers were excluded.

Is 40+  suitable for women who have underactive thyroid?

EstroG-100™ (the ingredient in 40+) has not been shown to affect thyroid function, but no studies have been conducted to prove safety for women with an underactive thyroid. However, in scientific studies for menopause, subjects with thyroid disease participated where their medical practitioner judged them suitable.

Can you take 40+  together with other supplements?

Yes. There are no known interactions with 40+.

Can you take 40+ together with medicines?

If you are taking anti-thrombotic or anticoagulant medications consult with your doctor before taking 40+.

Can men take 40+?

There is no harm in men taking 40+ but there is no evidence it will assist them in any way.

How should I store 40+?

Keep in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight and moisture.

What is the shelf life for 40+?

40+  is shelf-stable for three years (36 months).

Where can I purchase 40+?

40+ is sold on our website and is available to international customers only.

66 reviews for 40+ with EstroG-100™

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  1. Katherine T Heni (verified owner)

  2. vivier.tanya (verified owner)

    My best advice to a reluctant user is to buy 1 bottle and try it.
    I was super skeptical at first and now? I won’t go without my Meno-Me. The time when I couldn’t take them prior and post hysterectomy surgery, I noticed the hot flushes, terrible sleep (more than usual) and the mood swings.
    Getting back to my Meno-me post surgery was a game changer.

    • Jennifer Moore (store manager)

      Tanya, your advice will be invaluable to women.Thank you. We’re delighted we can make a difference in your life. 🙂

  3. Tania Fernyhough (verified owner)

    I can’t recommend MenoMe highly enough! I started to get hot flushes recently as well as night sweats, and they were awful. I also felt like my thermostat was constantly dysregulated. A google search brought up MenoMe, and I didn’t really have a whole lot of hope but thought I would give the 40+ a try. Truly, since the first 2 tablets on the first day, I have never had a hot flush or night sweat again, and my thermostat feels completely normal. I am so happy and will be on MenoMe for a very long time to come. The good side effect of menopause, no periods, has remained so far and I’m very happy to keep that one 🙂 *See disclaimer below.

    • Jennifer Moore (store manager)

      Hi Tania, we were thrilled to read your review (thank you) and the relief you have experienced. We appreciate you sharing it as well so that other women can experience the same freedom. 🙂

  4. Karen Owens (verified owner)

    I started taking these when I returned to NZ last year, as my hrt would cost $110 per month here. Best ever decision, cos they are great and now I am sticking with them. So thanks for a great product at a very reasonable price!! 😍👍 *See disclaimer below.

    • Jennifer Moore (store manager)

      Wonderful, we’re delighted we’ve been able to help. 🙂

  5. Wendy Walker (verified owner)

    This product is gold in a capsule. I have been using the 40+ for several weeks and i feel great. The hot flushes have disappeared (thankgoodness as they were driving me bonkers) I am sleeping better and wake feeling energized (not dragging the chain). I would highly recommend giving it a go 🙂 *See disclaimer below.

    • Deanne McCrea (store manager)

      Hi Wendy, thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review, awesome to hear. Glad you are feeling better.

  6. Kirsten Townsley (verified owner)

    This has made such a difference to me – I started night sweats after lockdown last year and within two days of starting this, they were gone – what a lifesaver!!

    • Deanne McCrea (store manager)

      Brilliant, thanks for sharing Kirsten.

  7. Jenny Johnston (verified owner)

    Thank you Meno-me for giving back my old normal. I’m not sure how I would have coped if the yuck night sweats that you had to towel off before you could get back to a limited sleep continued. The sweats stopped really quickly from starting Meno-me. I keep checking the bottle to make sure I don’t run out, guess I should take up the auto re-order option. I recommend this product to any woman that brings up menopause in conversation. Thank you again for a great product.

    • Deanne McCrea (store manager)

      Thanks for the feedback Jenny, so pleased life is back to normal for you.

  8. FionaH (verified owner)

    Hi, I am 47 years old & started my journey last year. I have been taking menome 40+ since May this year. I did not know perimenopause was a thing until I started reading all about menopause. My mum sailed through the change with no issues, so I had to go in blind but very grateful menome is working for me. Before finding this product I was changing bed clothes 3 times a night & not getting much sleep as a result. I am now sleeping better & don’t feel ratty! I take the pills with my evening meal as it makes me more relaxed for the night. I have mentioned your product to a few friends, as good stuff should be shared. I do enjoy the weekly email & always read the articles. It’s good to know I am not the only 1 out there experiencing this 😁 I love the wellness pillars, vitamin h – humor is most important. 🙂

    • Deanne McCrea (store manager)

      Thanks Fiona, so glad you’re feeling better. We think the Wellness Pillars are great too.

  9. Tracey Lucas (verified owner)

    I have been taking MenoMe for a couple of months and this has done wonders. I was having hot flushes multiple times a day and night, not sleeping through the night and having terrible mood swings. Thankfully, these have pretty much gone. No more hot flushes, I’m sleeping through the night and am less irritable. I highly recommend this product!

    • Deanne McCrea (store manager)

      That’s awesome Tracey. Thank you.

  10. Dee Le Compte (verified owner)

    Been using for 4 months solid now and have been sleeping through the night again, had been having terrible hot flushes mostly at night, Meno-Me has sorted that problem out, only have a flush when I wake opposed to being woken constantly 😀 my husband will agree my moods are more stable also 🤣😀 totally recommend Meno-Me 40+ to anyone having issues with menopause 👍

    • Deanne McCrea (store manager)

      Hi Dee, So pleased to hear. Thank you for the recommendation.

  11. Lisa Mathews

    Meno-me has been a tot game changer for me. Suffered with PMS most of my adult life.
    Took a lot longer to work for me than the reviews but I’m so glad I hung in there. I’ve had quite a few months PMS free. Which is huge as I’ve been battling for ever.
    Love the little free random treats you get every now and again with your order too!
    Highly recommend to any woman who is suffering with hormonal issues *See disclaimer below.

    • Deanne McCrea (store manager)

      Thanks so much Lisa for taking the time to post feedback. Glad you stuck in there.

  12. Tracey Knight (verified owner)

    I am 52 years old and my menopause journey started when I was 50. My symptoms included periods all over the place and sometimes not at all for months on end then all of a sudden the worst period ever!!!, terrible night sweats then weight gain seemed to happen overnight. I had no mood changes but the hot flushes caused serious lack of sleep and during the day were the cause of me having to sit when they came on because I felt faint. I had read almost every review about different supplements to help with menopause and many sounded amazing. I tired so many and some that were even recommended by my doctor. I felt like a walking lolly jar with the amount of different pills I was taking. Nothing made any difference even tho I had seen out the recommended 3 month period to feel results. Then…. I heard about Menome!!! I order it, it arrived in a couple of days and without a word of a lie after the second day my hot flushes completely stopped!!! I know it sounds hard to believe but its true!! This lasted for well over a month and I felt incredible apart from the weight gain. After the first month I noticed a couple of minor flushes during the day and I wondered what was happening and why they seemed to be slowly creeping back. I used Menome’s chat service and explained what was happening and the amazingly helpful lady suggested that I might just be having a bit of a change in hormone levels but to just give it a bit more time because I had only been taking the pills for 1 month and it should level out again. Well, the very next day I got the first period in over 8 months and once that had finished so to did the minor hot flushes. I haven’t had any more since! So from April to now, not one hot flush!! I would not only suggest ladies try it but I would insist they tried it! Thank you so so much Menome. You have changed my life back to a more balanced one even tho I’m still fatter!! *See disclaimer below.

  13. Rafeiki (verified owner)

    I have been using this product 40+ for about 10 months now. I love the product and it has helped immensely with hot flushes, my mood swings and libido.
    I initially had some queries but found they were quickly answered and I was extremely happy with the outcome. Menome were brilliant to deal with.
    I recommend the 40+ and have done so to several friends. Personally it has worked for me and I am very greatful.

    • Deanne McCrea (store manager)

      Thanks for your review and feedback. So pleased our product is making a difference for you and glad we were able to sort out your initial queries.


    This works!!! I had this confirmed when my delivery was delayed and had four days of rapid temperature changes, anxiety fluctuations. These all but disappeared within 24 hours of receiving my tablets.

    • Jennifer Moore (store manager)

      Fantastic Tanya, so pleased. 🙂

  15. Samantha Hall (verified owner)

    Meno Me really does make me feel like me again. I love your product and as a hairdresser I share the love of it with all of my Clients. Thank you for making it and I will be taking 55+ when I get to that stage. It’s so great knowing it’s there ready for it. Biggest love to you xxx Samantha Jayne xxx
    Update: 29/01/20 – I think I’ve been on 40+ for 1 year now and my symptoms have subsided a lot but also I have recently noticed the hair growing out of my chin has lessened!!!! Holy shit I’m happy!! (* See disclaimer below)

  16. Anna Batten (verified owner)

    I have been taking 40+ for over a year now, and it has totally changed my life as far as Menopause is concerned, I sleep, yay no more disturbed sleep, my fluctuating body temperature have pretty much gone, and my moods, oh my moods, my husband is very thankful to 40+, he has his girl back, thank you MenoMe I have no idea what I would do without you x Anna Batten (* See disclaimer below).

    • Jennifer Moore (store manager)

      That is music to our ears Anna! Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  17. Christine Gardiner (verified owner)

    yes they are brilliant i feel a bit better my sex drive is boosted lol. not really getting those nasty headachs that hang around for a week or so im very very impressed with the product thanku. (* See disclaimer below).

    • Jennifer Moore (store manager)

      We’re so glad you’re having such good results Christine 🙂

  18. Martine Kessler (verified owner)

    I was expecting it to take a few weeks to bring results but it only took days*! You don’t even know what a difference it has made to my (and my husbands ?) life! I suffered from fluctuating body temperature 2/3 times per hour, was very moody and really thought how am I going to do this for a few years? Using your supplement my body temperature is normal, am far more balanced and relaxed and feel more like my old happy self again! I hardly used the Chillax spray that I ordered . But, I gifted it to my friend and told her all about Menome and showed her the website. She is going to give it a go as well and I know… there will be not one but two happy ladies soon ?. Thank you so so much! (* See disclaimer below).

    • Deanne McCrea (store manager)

      Hi Martine, Thank you for sharing your experience and review of 40+. Wonderful.

  19. Katherine Provan (verified owner)

    After just 1 week* of taking Meno-Me I slept through the night, this had not happened for at least a year. NO more abnormal body heat, which were so embarrassing especially when out socializing or worse at work. Could not speak more highly of this product and will definitely be ordering more. (* See disclaimer below).

    • Jennifer Moore (store manager)

      Oh wow Katherine, that is music to our ears and we’re so grateful you’ve shared 🙂

  20. Linzi Keen (verified owner)

    I was suffering from fluctuating body temperature and disturbed sleep which got to a peak while I was overseas. I felt terrible and was at my witts end. After getting back to NZ I found this product. I read the reviews and thought I’d give it a try. Wow! I’m so glad I found it. In a couple of weeks of starting, I’m sleeping well and my energy levels are back to normal. It’s an amazing product. (* See disclaimer below).

    • Jennifer Moore (store manager)

      Linzi, so glad to hear your experience and thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  21. Sue Carter (verified owner)

    Have been taking EstroG100 (40+) for approx. 6 months now and would recommend it to any women experiencing out-of-control hot flushes and sleeplessness. It took me about a month before I noticed a difference, but wow, I’m back to having normal body temperatures and restful undisturbed sleep – no problems now. Yay ? (* See disclaimer below).

    • Jennifer Moore (store manager)

      Sue, music to our ears.

  22. Raelene Kneebone (verified owner)

    I love this product and am super happy that there is finally something that has helped me, I have tried other things in the past, and tired of not getting the help I needed, so I bought one bottle of eostroG 100, to see how it would go, well I’m nearly finished my first bottle and I love it, so am going to get more. Do what I did give it a go, and buy one bottle to try, see for yourself. (* See disclaimer below).

    • Jennifer Moore (store manager)

      Raelene, hi, we’re so pleased you shared!

  23. Tracey – Auckland (verified owner)

    I’m 52 and in menopause, and I’ve been taking this product for a couple of months now and it’s been a real life saver for me. The staff are lovely too, they don’t mind having a good geniune chat and made it easy for me to order over the phone (instead of online). Thanks meno-me, you’re wonderful, don’t stop doing what you’re doing! (* See disclaimer below).

  24. Lynn – Auckland (verified owner)

    I started the whole menopause phase of my life about 5 years ago. I was experiencing abnormal body heat, and I was unable to sleep at night, and tired all day. After going through breast cancer and surviving two years ago, these issues came back stronger and more frequent. I was a living nightmare to my husband who cuddling at night was a no go. It was effecting how I was living my life. I tried everything – or so I thought, natural remedies, prescribed drugs, change of diet, no coffee, no wine. I was at a loss as to where to turn to next. Dr Google to the rescue. I came across Meno-Me, I read up on the product EstroG-100 and thought “well I’ve got nothing to lose ” It took about a week to start working, and OH MY GOODNESS my whole life has changed. The first night I snuggled my husband and didn’t push him away we both slept soundly and we both woke up refreshed. I’m about 3 weeks into my new life and loving it. I have recommended this to so many other women who are having the same experiences as I did. Thank you so much for giving me back my life! (* See disclaimer below).

  25. Adele D’Ath (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking 2 tablets in the morning before breakfast and I think it’s helping me. I’m definitely sleeping better and my body temperature is not fluctuating as much which is great. I will carry on with this product.I think in time it will definitely balance out my crazy hormones. Thanks so much. (* See disclaimer below).

  26. Karen Strijbis (verified owner)

    I am a busy Mum, teacher, and wife…I have found the Meno-Me product the most helpful, and convenient option for keeping cool, and wakefulness, and for night twitches and particularly muscular discomfort. I have appreciated only needing to take tablets in the morning. Thanks, Meno Me – I am recommending this product to my friends! (* See disclaimer below).

  27. Sharon Bradley (verified owner)

    For the past 2 years i have been experiencing lack of sleep, weight gain, bloating and terrible mood swings. I started to develop terrible depression especially around PMS time..not to mention the abnormal body temperature. Around PMS time was unbearable even though at times i dont get one.Ive been taking MenoMe since February and am now really reaping the rewards. Better night sleeps, balanced moods and body temperature and I’ve just lost over 5kgs. Didn’t notice this month around PMS time been and gone…im converted and have just set up a monthly subscription..dont want to be without this lifesaver..thank you it’s amazing! (* See disclaimer below).

  28. Wendy Rayner (verified owner)

    Been 49 and only in premenopausal I thought I’d try EstroG…Glad to say that 6 weeks on I have better nights of sleep and normal boday temperature. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 2 years ago and my body was so out of balance hormonally, but gladly been on these tablets I’m back on my normal hours at work and living life to the fullest…. I was looking online for some help and came across Meno Me…. so I thought to myself , give it a go what have I got to lose, well within 2 weeks I was starting to feel better within myself, and feeling so much better with each week that passes , so a BIG thanks to meno me for such an amazing product and giving me my life back ??Australia (* See disclaimer below).

  29. Regina Jolly (verified owner)

    Most amazing product and it actually works for me. I have tried all sorts of natural products on the market before as I’m going through menopause for 6 years now; some products worked for a little while, others didn’t work at all. They might have helped to reduce body overheat, but I still felt like a “zombie” and needed additional meds to get some sort of sleep. Since taking EstroG-100 I feel like a human being again, the rare abnormal body temperature are easy to cope with, I can deal with life again and not having the “urge” to “strangle” my poor co-workers.At night I only take additional Magnesium and my sleep is so much more restful. Thanks, Meno-Me your EstroG-100 is an absolute life-saver! (* See disclaimer below).

  30. Maria Rossi (verified owner)

    I hav to say alleluia , I have been in menopause for many years, hav not had a good night sleep for a long time, tried just about everything thats on the market, and got nowhere, until i tried meno- me . I have been taking them now for 4 weeks*, abnormal body temperature gone , im sleeping, and i feel normal again. Have not felt like that in a long time. Thank you ??so good. (* See disclaimer below).

  31. Michelle McGregor (verified owner)

    I’m liking this estro-G….no night sweats….no day sweats (unless I’m working out). That day walking in the mall having a sudden feeling of heat and sweating down my arms… was awful….and so embrassing, but not anymore. It’s been brilliant…. Oh unless I’ve added a touch too much curry in the I did a couple of weeks ago lol… (* See disclaimer below).

  32. Helen Thompson (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking meno-me estroG-100 menopause capsules for 3months with some awesome results and within only 10 days or less to be honest. Night sweats that have been the Bain of my life for bout 10 years. These have stopped almost completely. I slp so much better. Feel better within myself. Really Wish I had found this product sooner. The other thing I really like is how easy they are to manage. Take Two First thing in the morning without food & only once a day. Perfect for me. Loving this product and high recommend. (* See disclaimer below).

  33. Jane Eyre (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with this product. Have been sleeping better and experiencing less unpleasant menopause issues. I love the fact it is natural with no side-effects. When I stopped using it after finishing the first bottle I noticed sleeplessness returning. Hence I’m re-ordering and will continue using from now on. (* See disclaimer below).

  34. Sandra Bronkhorst (verified owner)

    I have been using the Estro G – 100 Tablets for a few months now and would recommend it to all women going through Menopause to use. It is the only tablet that has worked for me so far. Love it! It is really a great product, that works! (* See disclaimer below).

  35. Kay Walker (verified owner)

    I have been on EstroG 100 for 3 weeks and have started to notice changes, my anxiety has gone from a high to low and there are days I don’t feel any anxiety or fear at all and sleep is getting better. Also I am so pleased i have started on EstroG 100 as I have tried numerous products with no results. I have never suffered from anxiety or fear or had sleep problems until this stage of my life, I thought I was going mad. My friends and family have commented that I seem better. So glad I did heaps of research and found this awesome website. (* See disclaimer below).

  36. Tina Francis (verified owner)

    I started taking Estro G 100 about 2 weeks ago and to my surprise I have already noticed a big reduction in the number and severity of sudden feeling of body heat which were very intense and occurring day and night. The fluctuating body temperature had become a real problem for me in terms of not being comfortable wearing a lot of my clothing in case I got too hot and also the self-consciousness aspect when in the company of others and feeling as if spontaneous combustion was about to occur! I am now down to a couple of mild body heat during the day and so far I haven’t noticed any weight gain, which has occurred with other herbal remedies I have tried. Needless to say I am totally delighted with my personal experiences with Meno-me so far and would heartily recommend giving it a try. (* See disclaimer below).

  37. Cara Hayes (verified owner)

    I started taking Estro G 100 the very night I had been fortunate enough to meet and hear the team talk about their product, they enlightened me about the many and varied signs of menopause, many I never thought were even associated with menopause, I had simply put down to just getting older, having a senior moment, a bit disturbing when I was having so many senior moments at only 48. As I had never experienced a fluctuating body temperature, I had assumed Menopause was still not a part of my life, how wrong was I. The sleepless nights, anxiety over simple presentations, feeling sad for no reason, or forgetting things unless I had a list, were just a few. I am a busy professional woman working full time, raising 3 children and also running our own business, I didn’t have time to cope with feeling sad, anxiety, and when I fell into bed at night I wanted to sleep. I started taking Estro G 100 7 weeks ago and within 3 weeks I was sleeping the entire night again, my moods are far more even, things have more clarity again, early days I know, but it’s a wonderful start for me and one I am thankful I’ve been able to try. (* See disclaimer below).

  38. Sonya Logan (verified owner)

    Meno-Me has been a life saver for me. I started taking it when broken sleep and sudden surge of body temperature were severely impacting upon my ability to function i.e. do my job and have a enjoyable life. Within a fortnight of taking EstroG-100, my abnormal body heat had stopped completely and within a month, I was back to sleeping thruoughout the night i.e. I got my life back. The test of EstroG working is that if I forget to take it (extremely rare), I have sweats briefly the next morning which quickly subside if I take it straight away. I cannot sing the praises of Meno-Me enough and recommend that people try it. (* See disclaimer below).

  39. Louise henderson (verified owner)

    After taking EstroG-100 for the last 4 weeks I can honestly say I’m feeling the person I used to be in 2015. 2016 was a right off for sleep, sweats, weight gain and generally feeling uninspired by life. A trip to the doctor provided absolutely nothing helpful and then I literally bumped into Estro-G. Not being a huge taker of supplements I had them on my dressing table for 4-6 weeks and then I began the daily dose ritual, out of bed, feet on the floor, supplements down and into the day. 100% feel the difference. I could live with the sweats but could not live with insomnia. Please to say I now sleep through and the sweats have gone too. I’ve just purchased another 120 capsules for the next 8 weeks. (* See disclaimer below).

  40. Stacey Fraser (verified owner)

    This little “gem” could be my saviour:) One month in and it has totally changed everything! From the unbalanced body that took on a life of it’s own to calm, balanced normality again, actually maybe even better! If you have any hormonal imbalance I would recommend to any lovely woman to try this product for at least a month, the powerful blend of herbs is doing just what they are developed to do bring balance back to body weight, energy levels, over heating, hair condition, emotions and mental stability, this is now the best new time of my life:) (* See disclaimer below).

  41. Lorraine Galvan (verified owner)

    I researched natural products for my daughter and decided to phone and order EstroG-100 product for her. Dee was amazing, answered all my questions and concerns. My daughter was experiencing a number of problems and I was able to discuss the conversation I had with Dee. Thank you Dee, your information and empathy was invaluable and my daughter is so so much better now she is taking your product. (* See disclaimer below).

  42. Annette Attard – Australia (verified owner)

    “It’s so hot” was a common phrase that came from my mouth every day. Having a fire burning on the inside of me that couldn’t be extinguished was driving me crazy. After being on HRT for over 5 years I decided to give Estro-G a try. Wanting to know for sure if it was really going to work I went cold turkey from HRT. I experienced fluctuating body temperature like I had never experienced for a whole 2 weeks. Within a further 2 weeks of being on Estro-G 100 the overheating and sweats had reduced. The longer I was taking them the better I felt. It wasn’t until I had been on it for 2 months and was sharing my story with a friend that I realised I was actually sleeping better as well. I can count on 1 hand the amount of abnormal body temperature I experience in a day now. It really does work. I make sure I have stock in my cupboard so I don’t get caught out without any. (* See disclaimer below).

  43. Trudi Arras (verified owner)

    Just want to tell people what this fantastic product does. Wow is all I can say my energy levels are great no weight gains for me. I walk at least 2 hours a day when I have the spare time. I haven’t had any abnormal body heat. These were the worst part of menopause and also the feeling low. My mood is great. Very even no ups and downs. I found around that monthly time even tho I had a hysterectomy at 36 years old I would feel sad mostly. This is a thing of the past. I have tried so many others with no change. Give these a go. Worked for me. (* See disclaimer below).

  44. Sandy Dunlop (verified owner)

    This product is gold! When the menopause monster arrived with a hiss and a roar a few months ago the intensity and frequency of overheating and night sweats was awful. I went looking for natural alternatives to HRT which I really wanted to avoid if I could and stumbled across the Meno-Me website. Reading a few reviews made me decide it was worth a try and I’m SO glad I did. It took a good 3-4 weeks for me to feel a big difference (that’s a long time when you’re spending half the night throwing the covers off and the other half dragging them back up!) but was definitely well worth the wait. What a relief – abnormal body temperature have decreased to a mild burning sensation maybe once or twice a week – hardly noticeable – and no more nasty night sweats! Thanks Meno-Me, I’d recommend this product to anybody ? (* See disclaimer below).

  45. Beth Kay (verified owner)

    Started meno-me 3 wks ago with some scepticism as have tried other herbal products with little effect. Been suffering with abnormal body temperature for 5 Plus years.. The only therapy with major effect was HRT, but i was reluctant to stay on that long term. Came across article of meno-me by chance. Pleased I,ve given this product a go. Still having sweats, but frequency and intensity has decreased. Sleep not so disrupted and not tossing bed clothes as much. Very much hoping not coincidence as ordering another bottle today. Thank you meno-me. (* See disclaimer below).

  46. Sharon Wilkinson (verified owner)

    I have been taking EstroG-100 for about 4 weeks now. Very pleased to report that I am having much better nights. Was waking almost hourly with horrendous body heat. I was also experiencing trouble getting off to sleep. Whilst my daytime abnormal body temperature haven’t improved my overall energy levels have increased markedly. My overall sense of wellbeing has also improved. Would have no hesitation in recommending this product. Thanks go to the Meno-Me team for introducing this! (* See disclaimer below).

  47. Chris Fowler (verified owner)

    I was speaking to a friend about menopause and some of the things she was saying I was experiencing. I found this natural product EstroG-100 and thought I’d give it a go and see if there was any improvement. Within 2 weeks* I started sleeping better and have way fewer headaches. At 44 I guess my estrogen levels are just starting to decline and hence I was starting to feel not so good. I’m not experiencing fluctuating body temperature or anything like that yet, but I’ve decided to make EstroG-100 part of my life and basically be prepared for menopause. I simply feel better overall since starting EstroG-100 over 4 months ago. I’d recommend this product to anyone. (* See disclaimer below).

  48. Tracey Anderson (verified owner)

    I didn’t have a lot of expectation for this product, but I have been amazed at the results in less than two weeks. I was experiencing 3 or 4 overheating and sweating during the day, but the night sweats were driving me crazy – about 8 – 10 a night. My husband was considering going to live on the boat as I was turning into a fire breathing dragon! I am now only climbing on top of the covers once or twice during the night, but no night sweats, and I’m going back to sleep pretty quickly. Awesome! It is possible that I am ‘surging’ and the issues have alleviated naturally, but it seems too much coincidence, particularly after reading some of the great reviews. I’ll be back for more for sure!! (* See disclaimer below).

  49. Warren Hill (verified owner)

    My wife started early menopause at age 39. She is now 65 and has suffered horrendous abnormal body temperature over this time. She went on HRT which stopped the body overheat, but unfortunately 18 months ago she suffered a stroke and was advised by her doctor to stop the HRT treatment. We have tried many other alternatives with no improvements until we tried EstroG-100. My wife’s fluctuating body temperature have gone from 20 a day to about 3 or 4 and some days only 1. Meno-Me has some wonderful reviews and was our last resort. Thank goodness it has delivered. Thank you. (* See disclaimer below).

  50. Chrissy Plumridge (verified owner)

    I wasn’t enjoying summer with the body overheating and because I suffer from cold urticaria, it’s difficult to find ways to cool down. Menopause has also caused a bit of anxiety for me. Since I started taking this product my abnormal body temperature has eased off and I’m sleeping a little better. I feel calmer and not so stressed, not feeling as anxious as I have been. It’s only been 10 days* since I started taking the capsules. This product is awesome, I will be ordering some more EstroG-100 for however long I need them. Thank you so much. (* See disclaimer below).

  51. Leanne Werder (verified owner)

    I started taking EstroG-100 about a year ago. I was waking at night and a friend suggested that I maybe in perimenopause. She suggested trying Meno-Me’s product. After about a month of taking them, I found I was sleeping better. As I progress into menopause I hope these will ease other unpleasant issues that may pop up.

  52. Judy from Hawkes Bay (verified owner)

    I would like to say this product has greatly alleviated many of my menopause experiences without side effects usually associated with using synthetic hormones; bloating, weight gain, breast tenderness, cramp and joint discomfort plus shortage of breath. EstroG-100 has not only helped me feel more comfortable it has has also restored my energy levels, reduced the fatigue, fluctuating body temperature, irritability and anxiety. Although I have only used it for a relatively short period of time it has been the first ‘natural’ product which has continued to provide outstanding relief for more than 3 months*. I have tried a range including Wellspring, Remifemin etc which were only temporary solutions. I would recommend it to any woman seeking an alternative to conventional hormone replacement therapy. Outstanding service from Meno-Me and will be a longterm customer. (* See disclaimer below).

  53. Angie Crawford (verified owner)

    I took EstroG-100 for two weeks* along with my HRT, then just stopped my HRT as the EstroG-100 was already in my system I figured this would be sweet – and it was.. I have had no body overheat and have been sleeping through the night (OMG that in itself is awesome). Hated being on a commercial product – HRT but dont have a problem with a natural helper such as EstroG-100. Cheers. (* See disclaimer below).

  54. Gay Miers (verified owner)

    Having been on a form of HRT for 10 years I thought it was time for a change. I decided to give Estro-G a go and after 2 months* I’m happy to say it now seems to be working. Fewer ‘tropical moments’ and headaches in check. It’s so much easier to take a capsule twice a day rather than creams and pills. (* See disclaimer below).

  55. Peter Vaughan (verified owner)

    Since my partner Karen has been taking EstroG-100 the abnormal body heat has stopped and this has made sleeping normal. Also she is a lot happier in herself. For this i am really grateful. Thanks Meno-me. For all you ladies out there who aren’t sure if you should try EstroG-100 I say try it, it will change your life. Thanks again, (* See disclaimer below).

  56. Anne O’Sullivan (verified owner)

    I love this product, i sleep better on it, no body overheat, & less anxiety. Being a busy working woman, juggling all that we do can take its toll. Meno- Me is great. Recommend EstroG-100 to women who are going through menopause or post menopause as the body changes so much. (* See disclaimer below).

  57. Margie Davidson (verified owner)

    After looking on the internet and wondering what I would do next to get me through my working day I am very happy to recommend EstroG-100 to women in menopause. I have found relief for fatigue and sleep issues. For me it’s taken time* to feel better, but now I have more days that I feel I’m a windscreen rather than a bug! Thanks to the Meno-Me Team for supplying this nectar! (* See disclaimer below).

  58. Kerrin Hickey (verified owner)

    I have been taking EstroG-100 for 2 months now. At 52 I haven’t yet experienced any fluctuating body temperature, or indeed, anything that I would perceive to be menopause approaching… However, I do know that I am the right demographic for such menopause experiences. My one complaint that this pill has fixed, is sleeping through the night – my sleeping has been a lot better, and I put this down to EstroG-100. Also, I really do feel a sense of calm and well being that I didn’t have before, and that has to be a good thing. I’m a very positive person anyway, but I somehow feel more ‘balanced’. Certainly no side effects, only benefits – I will continue to take them. After all, best be taking something before I need to! (* See disclaimer below).

  59. Joanne Chandler (verified owner)

    I stumbled across Meno-me..and it’s the best thing EVER! I wasn’t sleeping, I was waking up tired and grumpy, and the muscle discomfort in my legs was SO bad. I couldn’t sleep on my side I had to go to sleep on my back and then I’d wake up and I’d be awake for ages!…I only had slight body overheat ( lucky there!…lol ) but now I’m not having any!!.. for me it started working in 2 nights*! Thanks to the lovely Dee at Meno-me I’m now on the right track!… Dee is just SO lovely and helpful an awesome lady! Thanks again for the support Dee. This is a great product I am now going to be getting my 5th bottle soon thanks again Dee and the team at Men-o me. (* See disclaimer below).

  60. Linda Lehrke (verified owner)

    EstroG is a daily habit for me. An early morning glass of water to activate my digestive system and EstroG to balance my body. I wouldn’t be without it. My mind is calm at two in the morning and I am pretty good at regulating my temperature now. I don’t have that strange sense of being out of sync. You know that feeling of hopelessness that comes from getting enough sleep but still being tired, from eating well and exercising but still feeling sluggish. If you are reading this then you are at least inquiring into menopause so while I have your attention consider this: Menopause is a really unsettling concept for many of us. Like puberty it brings about a multitude of changes including physical, physiological and social. Young women usually between 12 and 16 experience this change as they go through intermediate and high school together. Surrounded by friends and classmates they reflect and adapt to the new normal for their bodies and lives ahead. Unlike puberty, menopause usually surfaces sometime between turning 35 and reaching 55 and lasts for as long as it wants. It is not something we girls are going through together. Maybe that is why so many women miss the indicators and just put up with the little niggles that life seems to be weighing them down with. So here is a sound bite I play each morning as I drink that first glass of water, “I need to be at the top of my game today and EstroG helps me stay there. (* See disclaimer below).

  61. Tracey Pool (verified owner)

    Not only have my body overheating stopped but a noticeable improvement in joint discomfort as well. I stopped taking it for a few weeks and started waking with difficulties again. I love that this is a natural product and safe for me to take having had hormone receptive BC. Being thrown into menopause at 44 it is great to have my life back at 50! (* See disclaimer below).

  62. Karen Diggelmann (verified owner)

    Somewhere in the middle of body temperature fluctuation and hormonal swings, I finally realised I was experiencing peri-menopause – and not coping very well… I was delighted to find EstroG 100 – which, even if was only half as good as its claim, would be a revelation! Happy to report within two weeks, sweats were gone, reduced joint conditions and hormones back on an even keel. Very grateful to find a natural, alternative that is safe to take and the only side effects are positive ones! (* See disclaimer below).

  63. Denize Coker (verified owner)

    After being on HRT for many years for abnormal body temperature, I weaned myself off but had all sorts of things going on. I tried to convince my Dr at the time it was hormonal related. After changing Drs I was put on a mild anti-depressant that helped the body overheating for a while. I then decided to come off these and try a natural product and found EstroG 100. Am on to my second month* and life is so much better, sweats are going and my weight is coming down, sleeping better. Thanks Meno-me I will be continuing with your product. (* See disclaimer below).

  64. Jenny Oakley (verified owner)

    The lack of sleep caused by between 7-9 abnormal body heat during the night was the worst of my menopausal experiences. After a few years of taking Ovestin (hysterectomy at 35) and various other remedies that didn’t seem to make much difference at all I felt ready to give anything a try. I changed to a mini-pill and have been using EstroG-100 for 6 months. It did take a few weeks* to feel a diference but now, the anxiousness and fatigue has subsided and I feel I have so much more energy. The night sweats are now infrequent and I sleep more soundly than I have for years. (* See disclaimer below).

  65. Jennifer Smalberger (verified owner)

    I saw the competition on the facebook page and thought i’d enter the competition! I was in desperate need for a solution to my menopause issues! I was happy to learn that I was chosen to receive a free bottle through the competition although I wasn’t sure about the product because of my medical condition (COPD) I enquired about the ingredients and was assured that I would not have any problems with my COPD medication! I couldn’t wait for EstroG to arrive. All it took was 11 days* for the capsules to work! I’m am very happy with the product and definitely recommend for any one to try it! No more hot flushes and I’m a happy women. (* See disclaimer below).

  66. Deanne McCrea

    I wasn’t sleeping well and started having night sweats. I never considered it may be related to Menopause, but after reading information through MenoMe and talking about my experiences I realised I was entering the stage of perimenopause. I started taking EstroG-100™and within a few days* for me I started having good nights sleep again. 12 months later I’m still sleeping well. Thanks MenoMe I think menopause is going to be good for me! (* See disclaimer below).

    * Disclaimer – EstroG-100™ has been rebranded to 40+. It’s still exactly the same product so many women know, love and trust – we’ve just given it a different name. The time it takes to experience improvements from taking 40+ (containing 100% EstroG-100™) is variable. Based on our scientific studies some women feel improvements within 6 weeks. However, in our experience most women notice an improvement within 4 weeks and some in as little as a week, or less. Very few have reported no noticeable improvements. No two women are the same, results will vary, and results cannot be guaranteed.

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This is the time when menstruation is well and truly over, the ovaries have stopped producing high levels of sex hormones and for many ladies, perimenopause symptoms subside.

Estrogen has protective qualities and the diminished levels mean organs such as your brain, heart and bones become more vulnerable. It’s also a key lubricant so your lips may become drier, your joints less supple and your vagina might be drier. In addition, your thyroid, digestion, insulin, cortisol and weight may alter.

At this juncture, a woman might experience an increase in the signs of reduced estrogen but she should have a decrease of perimenopause symptoms. That said, some women will experience symptoms like hot flushes for years or even the rest of their lives.


Peri = ‘near’

Most females begin to experience the symptoms of perimenopause in their mid-forties. Your progesterone levels decline from your mid-30s but it’s generally from around 40 that the rest of your sex hormones begin to follow suit. 

Perimenopause is a different experience for every woman and some women may barely notice it. The first indicators are usually changes to the monthly cycle. This means that for some ladies, this can be accompanied by things like sore breasts, mood swings, weight gain around the belly, and fatigue as time goes on.

For those with symptoms it can be a challenging time physically, mentally and emotionally.

Importantly, perimenopause lasts – on average – four to 10 years. The transition is usually a gradual process and many women enter perimenopause without realising.