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Perky Post® with affron®

Post-menopause supplement, NZ made by MenoMe®

(8 customer reviews)

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About Perky Post®

Perky Post® is your post-menopause superheroine! Now that you’ve crossed the perimenopause bridge it may come with its own set of surprises. This clever blend of Saffron, Fenugreek, Sage, Resveratrol, Vitamins D3 and K2 is here to be your wing woman to support you through those post-menopause woes and keep you feeling vibrant and fabulous! We totally understand the temperature tantrums, restlessness, irritability, and sleepless nights. With Perky Post® by your side, you’ll have a crew of cheerleaders supporting your transition through post-menopause with ease. Let’s navigate menopause together and show we’ve got this!

Presented in vege capsules. Suitable for vegans, non-GMO, gluten free.


  • Botanical supplement for women in post-menopause
  • Natural, calming & protective, evidence-based
  • Supports normal body temperature
  • Supports restful sleep and healthy mood
  • Supports mental clarity, libido, energy and bone health

TAPS Approval No: PP1715

Perky Post® Ingredients:

  • affron® Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) Extract – 14mg
    Standardized to >3.5% Lepticrosalides® by HPLC
  • Fenugreek Seed (Trigonella Foenum-graecum L) Extract – 250mg
  • Sage (Salvia officinalis) Extract – 100mg
  • Trans Resveratrol – 75mg
  • Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3) – 7.5mcg 300 IU
  • Menaquinone-7 (Vitamin K2) – 50mcg

Encapsulating aids;
Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silica – Colloidal Anhydrous

Free from artificial flavours, colours and preservatives.

Encapsulated in New Zealand from imported ingredients.

affron® and Lepticrosalides® are registered trademarks owned by Pharmactive Biotech Products, S.L.U.

Directions for Use
Take two capsules daily with food am or pm.

Side Effects
When taken at the recommended dose, there are no known side effects.

Drug interactions
Advice should be sought from a healthcare practitioner prior to taking.

Avoid using with warfarin.

Stop taking 1 week prior to surgery.

Pregnancy or breastfeeding
This product should not be used by pregnant or breastfeeding people.

Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

Meno-Me Ltd, Hawera

TAPS Approval No: PP1715

Is Perky Post® safe for hormone sensitive cancers?
The combination of ingredients has not been researched in the instance of hormone sensitive cancer. We advise that you talk to a qualified practitioner prior to taking if you have any health condition, including cancer.

Can Perky Post® be taken with HRT?
Because there are different types of hormone replacement therapy, we suggest you discuss the use of our products with a qualified health practitioner. Drug interactions have not been identified for hormone replacement therapy ingredients, but as research is not always available, we can’t be 100% certain.

8 reviews for Perky Post® with affron®

Based on 8 reviews
Showing 6 of 8 reviews (5 star). See all 8 reviews
  1. Jennifer Neate (verified owner)

    I am 63 years old and have been using Perky Post for several months now and am beyond happy with the results!
    I have noticed a genuine calming effect that no other product has provided for me and Perky Post definitely improves my quality of sleep which I really value.
    The support and prompt service I have received from Meno Me is exceptional. Thankyou

    • Jennifer Moore (store manager)

      Jennifer, thanks for sharing your experience. It’s wonderful that you’ve discovered the calming and sleep improvements effects of Perky Post®. We’re also glad to hear we’ve served you well. 🙂

  2. Glenda K (verified owner)

    Renewed energy, less grumpy cat disposition, great product easy to use website. Love my new life 🙂

    • Jennifer Moore (store manager)

      And we love what you wrote Glenda! We’re thrilled we’ve helped you get to your happy place. 🙂

  3. Caroline H (verified owner)

    I love your products, post-menopause hit me like a freight train, and it sucks! I was really disappointed when 55+ was removed from the market because it was the first product that I had tried that actually seemed to make a difference, so I was keen to try perki-post when it came out. Most of the time it seems to be helping, definitely seem to be sleeping better

    • Jennifer Moore (store manager)

      Hi Caroline, we’re so glad. 🙂 It certainly can feel like you’ve been hit by a train! It’s so good to hear that Perky Post™ is helping you. It’s full of goodness and the affron® (saffron) is incredible for sleep.

  4. Rosie Dunn (verified owner)

    I was keen to get hands on Perky Post when it came out, as I had been taking Meno 55+ previously and had been without it for a couple of months. I have nearly finished my first bottle of Perky Post and the hot flushes have settled down again, thank goodness. Always excellent prompt service from the team at Memo Me too!!

    • Jennifer Moore (store manager)

      Fantastic Rosie, Perky Post™ is a great thing to have in your toolkit, isn’t it? So good for so many signs such as hot flushes and a game-changer for mood and sleep too. 🙂

  5. Tracy Lupson (verified owner)

    I changed from menome55+ to Perky post and still feel great! The service is amazing and super quick and they kindly refunded my order with the discount when they had a special offer which I had missed by a day!! Really great Company and Products!!

    • Jennifer Moore (store manager)

      We’re so pleased you’re feeling great, that’s the aim of the game. Thanks so much for being part of our special community. 🙂

  6. Linda Russell (verified owner)

    I started taking Perky Post as soon as it arrive. So far so good. The service from Meno-me has been amazing and my order arrived quickly.

    • Jennifer Moore (store manager)

      Thanks for sharing with us all so quickly Linda. 🙂 We look forward to hearing more!

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This is the time when menstruation is well and truly over, the ovaries have stopped producing high levels of sex hormones and for many ladies, perimenopause symptoms subside.

Estrogen has protective qualities and the diminished levels mean organs such as your brain, heart and bones become more vulnerable. It’s also a key lubricant so your lips may become drier, your joints less supple and your vagina might be drier. In addition, your thyroid, digestion, insulin, cortisol and weight may alter.

At this juncture, a woman might experience an increase in the signs of reduced estrogen but she should have a decrease of perimenopause symptoms. That said, some women will experience symptoms like hot flushes for years or even the rest of their lives.


Peri = ‘near’

Most females begin to experience the symptoms of perimenopause in their mid-forties. Your progesterone levels decline from your mid-30s but it’s generally from around 40 that the rest of your sex hormones begin to follow suit. 

Perimenopause is a different experience for every woman and some women may barely notice it. The first indicators are usually changes to the monthly cycle. This means that for some ladies, this can be accompanied by things like sore breasts, mood swings, weight gain around the belly, and fatigue as time goes on.

For those with symptoms it can be a challenging time physically, mentally and emotionally.

Importantly, perimenopause lasts – on average – four to 10 years. The transition is usually a gradual process and many women enter perimenopause without realising.