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WIN, WIN, WIN Lip & Cheek Tints (& more) From Peachy Lip Co.

Win With Peachy

It’s time for a treat and we’ve partnered with Peachy Lip Co.!

As a result, one lucky lady has the opportunity to win the complete range of cheek and lip tints and beauty tools. Yes, that’s right. The entire range!

So, we’re delighted to introduce you to the lovely Niki Creasy (right), founder of Peachy Lip Co.

Beauty Tip:

A lot of us get dry lips in peri/menopause due to dropping estrogen levels. And it doesn’t help that the skin on the lips has no oil glands to create a protective moisture barrier. Therefore, your lips respond very well to nourishing lip balms and tints like Peachy Lip Co.’s.


Niki Creasy

Grab a cuppa and watch the story of Peachy Lip Co. here (18 minutes). Or, read about it below.

The Story Of Peachy Lip Co.

Niki’s original idea was to create a simple lip balm but it didn’t stop there. We asked her to share her story.

I thought it’d be nice to be one of those women who look really put together. You see those women and they look great but without a lot of effort.

So I figured the main three contributors were shoes, handbag and lipstick.

And I thought shoe design? I have no idea. Handbags? I’ll leave that to the professionals. But lipstick is something that I can look into.

Originally I was thinking about how matte lipstick – or even some shinier lipsticks – dry my lips out. And that’s where the lip balm came in. As a matter of fact, it started off as a very small project.

Peachy Lip Co. Best Ever Lip Balm


Best Ever Lip Balm (left) comes in a dome. You simply wipe it on, done. Very easy to use.

Peachy Lip Co. Lip & Cheek Tints

One day, the manufacturer asked, “what about a colour cosmetic?” I nodded my head. “Maybe a tint or something like that.”

And from there, it exploded.

I couldn’t decide on colours so I narrowed it down to three basics. Nude, red and pink.

Nudie Rudie came first and that’s when I knew I was on the right track because I loved it. It’s the perfect nude and I loved it on both the cheeks and on the lips.

Also, if you’re 40+ it’s very flattering – a wear with anything sort of shade.

From left to right: Flirt, Bold Babe, Coral, Nudie Rudie

Then came Bold Babe. The only word for it is bold. Some people are nervous to use it on their cheeks but because it’s buildable, it gives a nice hue.

Next up, Flirt was being formulated. 

The chemist emailed me and said, “I’ve created something while I’ve been trying to make your pink. It’s not the pink you want, but we think you’re going to like it”.

And when she sent the sample it was Coral. I looked at it and thought I need this right now!

Coral is a beautiful shade. I have a family friend who’s just turned 80 and she wears Coral every single day. Absolutely loves it and it looks amazing on her as well. She’s an artist and she wears bright, bold colours. So it compliments her.

And that’s how I ended up with a lip balm as well as four lip and cheek tints that act like a balm.

Beauty Tip:

As we grow older we can get a bit lax about wearing colour on our cheeks. But adding a subtle touch of colour lends a beautiful glow – it adds a vitality.

Nudie Rudie, Coral, Flirt, Bold Babe

Peachy Lip Co. Ingredients

The ingredients are mostly natural. They do contain some synthetic pigment, but that’s the only non-natural ingredient and it’s all cruelty-free.

The base is organic beeswax and that’s what makes it so easy to blend. A lot of the vegan products I tried didn’t have a beeswax base – obviously because that’s not vegan – but they were a lot harder to blend. And I felt functionality was the most important part.

They also contain vitamin E, jojoba oil and a whole bunch of other nourishing ingredients. That was my key wish, that they were full of goodness.

Beauty Tip:

Despite the name, jojoba oil is not an oil but a wax ester and it’s the closest ingredient to the skin’s natural sebum (oil barrier). So it’s very, very nourishing.

Peachy Lip Co. Beauty Tools

Peachy Beauty Tools

As well as the Lip & Cheek Tints and Best Ever Lip Balm Peachy Lip Co. offers some fantastic beauty tools including:

Silicon Lip Brush

Pop this into the lip and cheek tint and use it as a brush. I chose silicon rather than hair because it’s more hygienic and you can also easily wipe it clean with a tissue. And it’s got a lid so you can pop it into your handbag.

Blush Blender

I trialled lots and lots of blenders and some of them I found really hard and they’d almost wipe your

Blush Blender

makeup off when you were trying to put it on.

With the lip and cheek tints, I usually pop my finger onto the tint and give it a little swipe on my cheeks and then blend it in with my Blush Blender. If you’re just wearing a tinted moisturiser or similar, bounce it to blend rather than rub because you can rub off your foundation.

One thing about Peachy is that I’m not a makeup artist and I don’t have set ways of doing things. My thoughts are – make it work for you. Our products are multi-use. The lip and cheek tints are easy to use. If you have a lot of pigment left on your finger after putting it on your lips, just swipe it on your cheeks. And you can blend it in with your fingers.

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

This is a soft, organic, microfibre makeup remover pad. It’s very effective and it removes your makeup. I keep one in the shower, squeeze it out after use and occasionally put it in the washing machine. You don’t need a cleanser and it gets rid of single-use wipes.

Brush Cleaning Pod

Our Brush Cleaning Pod is made out of silicon so it’s easy to clean. What’s more, the flat dish pops into a little bowl and you put a little bit of water or brush cleaning solution in the bottom. It’s textured so you simply run the brushes along the bottom to clean them. Then you can fold it back up and pop it in a drawer so it doesn’t take up much space.

Peachy Makeup Bag

The Peachy Makeup Bag is a perfect size if you’re going anywhere and doing anything. It fits all of your essential skincare, beauty products and tools. Moreover, you can fit a full-size hairspray in it. Easy.


This competition is now closed.



We have a Peachy Lip Co. must-have pack for one lucky lady to win.

The prize includes:

  • 4 x Lip & Cheek Tints
  • 1 x Best Ever Lip Balm
  • 1 x Silicon Lip Brush
  • 1 x Blush Blender
  • 1 x Reusable Makeup Remover Pad
  • 1 x Brush Cleaning Pod
  • 1 x Peachy Makeup Bag


Purchase 40+55+, or LotsaLocks® during the promotion period (3 August 2022 – 31 August 2022) and you’ll go into the draw. Note: subscribers to auto-shipping are automatically entered.

Sorry – This giveaway has closed.

Find Peachy Lip Co. here.

Follow Peachy Lip Co. on Instagram here.

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