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Happy Go Tummy® with Livaux®

Menopause supplement, NZ made by MenoMe®

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About Happy Go Tummy®

Digestive discomfort commonly increases during menopause. Decreasing amounts of estrogen can slow down the digestive process which leads to sluggish bowels, increased gas and bloating.
Happy Go Tummy® combines the award winning Livaux® – a natural prebiotic derived entirely from non-GMO New Zealand gold kiwifruit, with a non-GMO probiotic isolated and cultured from New Zealand cheese, to support a healthy gut microbiome, bowel regularity and overall digestive health.

It may also help support immune health, normal mood and general health and well being.
Presented in vege capsules. Suitable for vegetarians, non-GMO, gluten free.


  • A prebiotic-probiotic combination
  • Contains award winning Livaux®
  • Supports gut microbiome balance
  • Supports digestive health

TAPS Approval No: PP1542

Happy Go Tummy® Ingredients:

  • Livaux®
    Proprietary gold kiwifruit powder prebiotic that retains the goodness of the whole fruit including bioactive enzyme activity, polyphenols, vitamins and dietary fibre – 300mg
  • Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus
    A non-GMO probiotic discovered and selected from an exclusive New Zealand Cheddar Cheese culture – 3B CFU

Contains encapsulating aids and colouring;
Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silica – Silicon Dioxide Powder.

Free from artificial flavours and preservatives.

Made in New Zealand from local ingredients.

Livaux® is a registered trademark of Anagenix IP Limited.

Directions for Use
Take two capsules daily with food am or pm.

Side Effects
There are no known side effects.

Drug Interactions
There are no known drug interactions.

Pregnancy or breastfeeding
Kiwifruit is likely safe when used in food amounts. Livaux® is the equivalent of 2 kiwifruit.

Avoid using in the presence of latex or kiwifruit allergies.

Not suitable for vegans. Contains dairy.

Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

Meno-Me Ltd, Hawera

TAPS Approval No: PP1715

3 reviews for Happy Go Tummy® with Livaux®

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  1. Sandra Clark (verified owner)

    great service with speedy delivery, love the ‘Happy Go Tummy’ used in conjunction with my ‘Perky Post’ supliment 🙂

    • Jennifer Moore (store manager)

      Sandra, love that you’re loving them both. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rose Ruddle (verified owner)

    I’ve been taking happy go tummy for a few months now and seriously would not be without it. Prior to using this I had some awful gut problems but they have all resolved now. I now get this on subscription because I never want to be without it. Thanks for producing such a great product.

    • Jennifer Moore (store manager)

      Delighted to hear this Rose! There’s so much goodness in it, Livaux® is an extra-special prebiotic so it works with the probiotic. Gut health is so important especially at menopause which not everyone realises. 🙂

  3. Susan Ngarotata (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the products I get from this business. Not only how they help me through my rough patches, but the ingredients and that it’s a kiwi owned business by woman for woman.

    • Jennifer Moore (store manager)

      Hi Susan we’re happy to hear we support you through rough patches, it’s our aim. We also love that you like that we’re by women for women as we know this journey inside out! Thank you. 🙂

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This is the time when menstruation is well and truly over, the ovaries have stopped producing high levels of sex hormones and for many ladies, perimenopause symptoms subside.

Estrogen has protective qualities and the diminished levels mean organs such as your brain, heart and bones become more vulnerable. It’s also a key lubricant so your lips may become drier, your joints less supple and your vagina might be drier. In addition, your thyroid, digestion, insulin, cortisol and weight may alter.

At this juncture, a woman might experience an increase in the signs of reduced estrogen but she should have a decrease of perimenopause symptoms. That said, some women will experience symptoms like hot flushes for years or even the rest of their lives.


Peri = ‘near’

Most females begin to experience the symptoms of perimenopause in their mid-forties. Your progesterone levels decline from your mid-30s but it’s generally from around 40 that the rest of your sex hormones begin to follow suit. 

Perimenopause is a different experience for every woman and some women may barely notice it. The first indicators are usually changes to the monthly cycle. This means that for some ladies, this can be accompanied by things like sore breasts, mood swings, weight gain around the belly, and fatigue as time goes on.

For those with symptoms it can be a challenging time physically, mentally and emotionally.

Importantly, perimenopause lasts – on average – four to 10 years. The transition is usually a gradual process and many women enter perimenopause without realising.