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WIN One of 20 Chilly Towels!

Tara Lock - Chilly Towel founder

When Tara Locke was diagnosed with cancer, she began experiencing constant overheating throughout her chemotherapy treatment.

The Story of Chilly Towels

“Whilst going through chemo, I was placed into instant menopause, which caused a lot of overheating issues and continues to do,” she says. “I began sourcing and testing more than 30 different cooling fabrics, before perfecting and bringing the Chilly Towel to life in 2015.”

Chilly Towel
Chilly Towel

“One of the main symptoms throughout my illness was night sweats which also occurred during the day,” says Tara. “While I am extremely pleased to say I fought my cancer battle and won, I still experience this ongoing side effect from the chemotherapy. I use my Chilly Towel daily. Being diagnosed with and beating cancer has given me the strength to strive for something positive in my life. My dream now is to share this fantastic, affordable, quality product that can assist so many people who may be going through similar experiences.”


How it works:

The secret’s in the unique hyper-evaporative fibres within the Chilly Towel. It becomes cooler than ambient air when wet, which enables it to maintain a temperature that feels cool to the skin. The fibres retain water, which provides the chill while staying dry to touch for hours.

Chilly Towels cool to 30 degrees under normal body temperature and are easily activated with water, then rung out and applied to the skin. It works instantly, lasts for hours and is dry to the touch so it won’t wet your clothes or linen and it’s washable and reusable.


The original seed for Chilly Towel was sown when Tara began looking for a towel that would keep her cool after the gym. “I’ve since discovered the Chilly Towel can assist women, men and children for many different reasons,” she says.

These include:

  • Menopause
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Fever
  • Maternity
  • Medical conditions
  • Bad circulation

And of course, hot flushes.


Tara also produces Chilly Roll, which is a portable cooling massager for puffy eyes, soothes sunburn, mastitis, itchy skin, muscle pain, post-waxing, sport and gym. It’s also skin firming and pore tightening and is great pre-makeup.


Then there’s Drychill Revolutionary Sleepwear. The stylish nightwear is made with specially made fibres that channel moisture away from the skin to the surface of the fabric. The advanced technology allows evaporation of sweat to encourage breathability and coolness. In addition, the fabrics are antimicrobial so they prevent bacterial overgrowth thereby eliminating body odour.

Dry Chill Sleepwear
“We’ve had an overwhelming response from our customers who have shared their own stories about how much Chilly Towel has improved their lives,” says Tara. You can read them here.
Tara’s proud to support Australia’s National Breast Cancer Foundation.


Drum roll 🥁🥁🥁

Tara’s giving 20 of you the opportunity to win a Chilly Towel. Yes, 20! 🥁🥁🥁

The towels come in blue, lilac and pink. 💃💃 We’ll do our best to give the winners their first choice of colour provided there are enough of that shade in stock.

You’ll be right up there with Ellen Degeneres, Lady Gaga, Pink and the Kardashians who have all been gifted Chilly Towel products. 🤩

To enter all you need to do is purchase 40+ or 55+ or be an existing subscriber of 40+ or 55+ during the promotion period: 8 pm Wednesday 17 February 2021 to 11.59 pm Monday 22 March 2021.  All of the fine print is here.

We wish you the very best of luck. 🍀🍀🍀

Where to find Chilly Towel:

Chilly Towel is stocked in pharmacies, oncology wards, sports stores and gift shops throughout Australia as well as online around the world.

Congratulation to the winners;

  • Sharon King
  • Michelle Fraser
  • Jenny Cannell
  • Pauline Gulliver
  • Annette Attard
  • Robyn Kovacs
  • Delwyn Brunt
  • Vicki Forbes
  • Colleen Bredenbeck
  • Tina Schlaadt
  • Lisa CLARK
  • Kim Parr
  • Katrina Schedewy
  • Rebecca Stevenson
  • Debbie Jones
  • Lynn Weatherall
  • Janine Thompson
  • Joanne Chandler
  • Jan Sanson
  • Gillian Borlase
Chilly Towel for menopausal hot flushes

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