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Women Like Us Share Personal Stories Of Menopause: Emmy

Personal Menopause story

Welcome to ‘real stories’ where Emmy is sharing her personal story of menopause.

Only 40 when she realised she was experiencing perimenopause, Emmy calls her experience ‘the monster’. A wife and mother of three sons, Emmy is English-born and lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Real Menopause Story from Emmy

Emmy’s personal story of menopause

When did you first realise perimenopause had begun, Emmy?

About five years ago.

Did you understand what perimenopause (as opposed to menopause) was?

Not at first, but after reading into it, I self-diagnosed prior to my doctor confirming after blood tests.

(Ed’s Note: the Australasian Menopause Society feels that using blood tests to diagnose perimenopause is not reliable and suggests tracking symptoms.)

Did you feel you were too young?

Absolutely. I was 40 when it started.

Were you shocked/surprised?

Not necessarily at first, but as time has gone on, the rage, itching, weight gain, face burn to name but a few symptoms came on overnight and dropped me on my ass!

What have been a few of your major challenges?

The rage and the hot flashes. It’s been like a monster that I’ve been unable to control. I feel sorry for my wife and three boys. They’ve been very understanding

How did you overcome these if you have?

I’m working on it. Some sound advice from some wonderful women on this page has definitely helped. It’s helped me realise I’m not alone, and these feelings are not out of the ordinary.

What have you struggled with?

I hate the changes both physically and mentally. I’ve gone from having an unbelievably high sex drive, to none at all! Finding my wife unbearably attractive and I feel as though I can’t do anything about it. The anxiety I get over trivial things. I am a perimenopausal asshole, and I feel as though I use it as a cop out for being a complete bitch.

Has there been a turning point for you at any stage?

I’m hoping I’m at the start of a turning point after discovering this page and reading other people’s experiences.

Do you understand this journey?

Yes, I do.

Has MenoMe® contributed to your experience?

Yes, it has and I’m grateful.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I’ve admitted to myself that perimenopause has turned me into a complete bitch, apparently admitting it is the first step towards controlling the beast.

Click the image below to listen to Emma and Jenna’s chat. (WiFi lags a bit at times!)

The three clinically trialed herbal root extracts Jenna refers to in the video are known as EstroG-100™ – you can read more about EstroG-100™ here.

40+ is designed for perimenopause and is pure EstroG-100™. 55+ is formulated for post-menopause and has the added support of EstroG-100™, magnesium, vitamin D3 and Enzogenol® pine bark extract.

The group Emmy is referring to in the video is the MenoMe® 40+ Ageless Goddesses Facebook group which you can join here.

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Emmy.

If we can be of help to you on your journey please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

To share your real story of menopause please get in touch with us here.

If you’d like to try 40+ or 55+ click the button below.

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This is the time when menstruation is well and truly over, the ovaries have stopped producing high levels of sex hormones and for many ladies, perimenopause symptoms subside.

Estrogen has protective qualities and the diminished levels mean organs such as your brain, heart and bones become more vulnerable. It’s also a key lubricant so your lips may become drier, your joints less supple and your vagina might be drier. In addition, your thyroid, digestion, insulin, cortisol and weight may alter.

At this juncture, a woman might experience an increase in the signs of reduced estrogen but she should have a decrease of perimenopause symptoms. That said, some women will experience symptoms like hot flushes for years or even the rest of their lives.


Peri = ‘near’

Most females begin to experience the symptoms of perimenopause in their mid-forties. Your progesterone levels decline from your mid-30s but it’s generally from around 40 that the rest of your sex hormones begin to follow suit. 

Perimenopause is a different experience for every woman and some women may barely notice it. The first indicators are usually changes to the monthly cycle. This means that for some ladies, this can be accompanied by things like sore breasts, mood swings, weight gain around the belly, and fatigue as time goes on.

For those with symptoms it can be a challenging time physically, mentally and emotionally.

Importantly, perimenopause lasts – on average – four to 10 years. The transition is usually a gradual process and many women enter perimenopause without realising.